Coronavirus Guide for the F&B Industry

Coronavirus Guide for the F&B Industry

Coronavirus Guide for the F&B Industry

What it is, why it’s bad—and how you can help

These two guides are specifically written to help businesses in the F&B industry respond during Coronavirus (aka Covid-19) outbreaks. The suggestions here are low/no-cost and are generally a good practice—they have also been evaluated by epidemiologists, public health experts, biologists, and doctors.

NEW: Coronavirus Guide for Takeout/Delivery Businesses

This is a guide for restaurants transitioning to takeout/delivery during a coronavirus outbreak. To download the most current English version of this guide, click here (PDF). To comment on this guide, click here.

General Coronavirus Guide for F&B Businesses

This is a general guide for F&B businesses to reduce their risk of transmitting coronavirus. We’ll update the English version of the guide continues to incorporate comments and new developments as we learn more about the virus and the disease it causes. These are the most current PDF versions of the guide. Englishcomment here. Español; received 21/3/2020; comment here; translated by Esteban Londoño Jaramillo.中文 (简体); received 22/3/2020; comment here; translated by Larissa ZhouLena ZhouYan Liu, and Iris Huang. Français; received 23/3/2020; comment here; translated by Lucy Crossley. Burmese; received 24/3/2020; comment here; translated by San Lin Tun and Karen Vinalay.العربية; received 24/3/2020; comment here; translated by Nadine Nour el Din. Deutsch; received 24/3/2020; comment here; translated by Mona Leone. Italiano; received 27/3/2020; comment here; translated by Clelia di Casola. Farsi (attached); received 4/4/2020; translated by IRANFBA and Chef Ghasemi. Arabic, received 9/4/2020; translated by the Egyptian Chefs Association.

Help translate this guide

Please translate this document into any language and share your translation widely. There have been requests for translations into Vietnamese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Italian. If you intend to translate, please look here first to see if anyone else is already working on that language. If no one’s on it yet, let us know that you’re on the job using this form. Be sure to read the license terms before you begin work.

Translation instructions

Create a duplicate copy of the original document by clicking here. Translate the copy of the original document into your chosen language. When done with your translation, enable suggestions in the document: Click on the blue “Share” button in the upper right, click on “Get shareable link” in the window that pops up, Set the link-sharing section to “Anyone with the link can comment”.Copy the sharing link by clicking on the “Copy link” Email the sharing link to post your translation on this website. We’ll post a PDF version of your translation that is automatically generated from this live document. You can continue to edit and update your live document—any edits you make will automatically update the PDF.

Share these guides

Please share these guides actively and widely: the more businesses adopt these suggestions, the safer we’ll all be. When re-posting or sharing, please link directly to this website.


Many people helped put this together, including Laurence Berland, Feroz Gajia, Jennifer Gardy, Paul Henninger, Belinda Lester, Erik Garrison, Matthew Jozwiak, Mika Matsuzaki, Jake Parrott, Harper Reed, and Pam Yung.


The information provided on fnbcovidguide.com (including all links and downloads) is for general informational purposes only and is provided to you in good faith. The contributors and translators make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding its accuracy or completeness and do not accept any liability to you for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of reliance on it.

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