Sustainable Animal Husbandry for Culinary Professionals

Sustainable Animal Husbandry for Culinary Professionals

Sustainable Animal Husbandry for Culinary Professionals

What are the history, the risks, the benefits and the current situation of animal production? What are the implications for culinary professionals? In this session, Chef Chris Koetke walks you through the what, why and how of sustainable animal husbandry, and maps out a strategy for environmentally conscious culinarians.

The session is an extract from the 8-day Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals, a course developed by Worldchefs Feed The Planet.

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Practical Information

  • Topic: Sustainable Animal Husbandry for Culinary Professionals
  • When: April 14th
  • Time: 12:00 PM Singapore Time (UTC+8)
  • Where: FHA Match (Find all content sessions and the agenda here)

About the Host

Chris Koetke

Chairman, Worldchefs Feed The Planet Committee

Christopher Koetke has worked in culinary arts for well over 3 decades and is now President of Complete Culinary LLC, a consulting firm dedicated to the 360° comprehensive view of food and beverage. In the last 20 years, he has devoted his professional life to culinary education at Kendall College and at 48 campuses in 12 countries. He is currently the chairman of the Feed the Planet Committee of Worldchefs. Before culinary education, he worked as a chef in gastronomic restaurants. Prior to that he worked in some of the finest restaurants and patisseries in the USA, France, and Switzerland. He hosted his own national TV cooking show for nearly 5 years, written for prominent newspapers and trade publications, and authored a well-known culinary textbook, The Culinary Professional. He is an expert on food concept development, culinary sustainability and on the culinary application of amino acids as flavor elements. He is also opening a new concept in post secondary culinary education.

About FHA Match

Born of out FHA-Food & Beverage trade show, FHA Match is a food & beverage sector-focused series comprising 6 virtual events to be held from April – October 2021

Powered by Saladplate.com, each FHA Match will feature 2 days packed with AI-driven and bespoke meetings to match businesses, enabling new connections and opportunities across markets. Attendees will also gain access to content sessions featuring top leaders and experts, browse product listings and demonstrations, and source from suppliers around the world. 

Dates: 13-14 April, 2021
Time: 09:00am – 10:00pmSingapore (UTC+8)
Location: Virtual

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